Get your money instantly.

Request payment from friends and participating merchants, and enjoy the fastest way to get the money into your PAY.COM account.

See how it works

Our optimised solution allows you to receive funds from friends and family members in no time. Save important contacts as favourites and make money transfer a breeze.

More benefits.
No monthly fee.

Enjoy an improved payments experience and greatly reduced transaction fees.

  • No monthly fee
  • No fees when funding account
  • Free P2P transfers
  • Free local ATM withdrawals

Dynamic prepaid card for added security.

Your account’s safety is our top priority and we heavily invest in protecting it.

  • Single use virtual card capability whenever extra security is needed.
  • Proactive fraud detection using real-time risk analysis.
  • Safe online and ATM transactions with our prepaid PAY.COM card.
  • SMS and email notifications for incoming money transfers.

Detailed spending reports.

Have access to meaningful data in our Dashboard and control your spending.

We provide real-time updates of your spending and transaction history report so you never lose track of your PAY.COM account finances.