Features and benefits

Fast and secure transfers

Make and receive payments. PAY.COM is the fastest way to receive payments from participating merchants.

Transfer funds to friends travelling abroad and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the security of a prepaid card.

Send money to favourites

Add friends and family to your PAY.COM payments network.

Save key contacts as favorites and make payments from your phone.

Dynamic virtual card

The virtual card allows you to shop online whenever you can access the application of website.

The easiest way to shop both online and offline without hassle and hidden fees.

Sign up in minutes and shop with confidence, security and convenience.

Physical card

Take advantage of additional features with a PAY.COM physical card.

Withdraw cash and shop in-stores with one of our stylish cards.

Email & SMS notification

Keep yourself informed with automated updates on your transactions.

Relax, we'll let you know when your payments arrive.

Powerful dashboard

Make smarter, better informed decisions about your account finances.

Maximize your insights with our state-of-the-art dashboard.

Quick account setup

Our optimized process allows you to obtain a virtual card in minutes.

There are several ways to provide the information required to obtain access to higher activity thresholds.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated customer support team is waiting to assist you.

We are constantly expanding our support service in an effort to delight our customers.